Wilderness Skills

Combine team and leadership skills with wilderness skills! Immerse your group in fun and functional new skills. Our 100-acre property envelops you in native forests and prairie with pleanty of room to learn and grow.

Each Wilderness Skills program may be customized to meet your group’s interests. Flexible timing may add an additional three hours of hands on fun. Come with some knowledge already or come as a novice, there’s something for everyone!

How It Works:

      • Choose up to one or two new skills from the options below.

      • Wilderness Skills is recommended for Spring and Fall programs

      • Suited for ages 8 and up

      • Best done in small groups of up to 8 participants.

Hands On Wilderness Skills:

Fire Building – Learn multiple fire building and starting techniques, including the bow drill. A variety of optional activities include competitions to burn through a string before another team, or boil water for hot chocolate.

Shelter Construction – Learn common shelters and useful knots. Then build your own shelter! Try your hand at traditional shelters, using only natural materials, or use tools to create camping shelters.

Compass Hike – Learn basic compass skills with hands-on practice. Put your new learning of navigational skills to the test on a hike along our trail system to find hidden items!

Survival Skills Game – Learn about wilderness survival skills used by traditional peoples in Wisconsin’s environment, everything from shelters to medicinal plants. Then play a game to test your new knowledge.

Guided Hikes:

Adventure Course Construction Guided Hike – Traverse our trails with a guide to learn about the science and engineering behind creating an adventure course and the history of ours.

Pairs perfectly with a zipline tour after the hike!

Solar System Guided Hike – Escape the planet! Imagine the Sun is the size of a basketball. How far away is everything else in the solar system? Discover all the astronomical bodies that orbit our Sun. on our scaled planetary hike.

$10 per participant
Pricing starts at groups of 10