The Climbing Tower for Teams

The Climbing Tower is an ideal place for teams of all adventure levels to engage with each other for group bonding, team encouragement and individual challenge.

The four-sided 35 foot structure offers twelve routes to the top.
Never climbed before? We have the perfect introductory “lean-in wall” which is 15° off vertical.
Ready for a challenge? Try the Nose, a cliff overhang, and the Ear, a bump-out diamond feature.

Only three sides of the structure feature traditional rock climbing holds. The fourth side is backless and hosts the Vertical PlayPen.

Whether choosing to climb every route or choosing to keep your feet on the ground and belay for your team, the Climbing Tower has something to engage everyone!

The Climbing Tower Experience

$20 per person

  • Recommended group size up to 50
  • Up to 1.5-hour climbing experience
  • Belay instruction
  • 35 feet tall
  • 4 unique sides
  • 12 climbing routes
  • Low angle wall
  • Overhangs for challenge
  • Vertical obstacle course