Continuing a Conversation of Crucial C’s

Culling through vocabulary used at team building conferences, there is an decided abundance of terms beginning with the letter C.  

Collaboration is teamwork’s first step.  As tasks are assigned, teams work together to create a framework for their success. Behaviorists and psychologists have long studied our approach to collaboration. Their compiled research identifies a common thread of four personality types. Type A personalities want decisive action whereas Type D personalities are slow to commit to a decision. A Type C response focuses on details whereas a Type B response focuses on the emotions of team members. Each approach brings value to a team. The goal is to cultivate a well balanced team who recognize and value each other’s differences.    

Acknowledge what each personality needs, and what motivation drives them, to ensure your teams are balanced and provided with the tools for success. 

Type A

  • Offer freedom and choice. 
  • Provide reminders and opportunities to check in with teammates. 

Type B

  • Capture their enthusiasm! Allow opportunities for them to shine. 
  • Break tasks into manageable chunks to help keep their attention.    

Type C

  • Define task assignments clearly.
  • Provide the facts up front and time for them to be addressed before opinions are needed. 

Type D

  • Utilize their perseverance and organizational skills. 
  • Offer opportunities for each person to share their voice, whether verbally or as written feedback.