Crucial C’s

In my decade plus of facilitating groups I have come to a conclusion. The letter C is crucial to conversations about team building.  

Connection is the cornerstone upon which all other team components build. Knowing coworkers on a level beyond the basics of name and title creates an invitation for deeper conversations. Connections help us overcome the barriers which keep us from reaching out to ask for help, clarification, and advice.  

Engaging in simple, self led, team building exercises as a meeting opens, creates opportunities to establishes these more intimate connections. Try these brief and easy options. 


Personalized Internet Scavenger Hunt: As people join the meeting, have them do a quick Google search to answer a question with different answers for each person. Have a quick whip around for everyone to share. 

  • What song was the Top of the Billboards Chart the year you graduated high school?
  • Share your favorite photo result for a Google search of your name + glamour shot. 

In Person

Shared Moments Before any business is discussed, allow each person to briefly share a moment from their own life within a given parameter. Pose the question and provide the space for each person to share at a depth to which they feel comfortable. 

  • What are you feeling gratitude towards today?
  • What recent event brought you joy?