Group Competitions

Give your team some added incentive by incorporating competition into their team building experience. We offer multiple versions of our competition-based programs:

  • Small groups competing with each other to earn points based on how well they complete a series of initiatives and low ropes challenges.
  • Small groups earn points that are combined in an attempt to get the full group to achieve a set goal that measures collaborative success.

Competition as a motivator works well for many groups, but it tends to only take most groups so far. Therefore, we don’t rely on competition to be an end in itself. We customize the scoring for our competition-based programs to fit the areas of emphasis you want to encourage your team to focus upon. This approach allows us to offer you the best of both worlds: group growth through team building and high motivation through competition. 

  • For example, as teams are presented with group initiatives, our facilitators score them on how well they complete the challenge the group has been given, but we then go further by scoring each team according to a set of “group function attributes” (Communication, Creativity, Planning, etc.).
    • Have an operating philosophy for your business? We can incorporate core aspects of it into our scoring and thereby reinforce your philosophy during the team building experience and make the program even more transferable into the workplace.
    • Have new areas of focus that you want your team to explore and concentrate on? We will work with you to incorporate these into our scoring.  
    • The group function attributes that are used in our scoring are highly customizable and we will take the time to find what works best for your group.

$75.00 per person