High Physical Challenges

Looking to bring a high degree of physical challenge to your team building experience? Our low and high ropes courses offer plenty of physical challenges while focusing group members on working together to overcome challenges that combine the mental and physical. 

Low ropes elements (challenges that involve group members moving onto, over or through structures that are close to the ground) encourage creative problem solving, resiliency, trust and mutual support. Low ropes elements engage group members in a unique and fun way and can be adapted to offer more or less physical challenge based on what is appropriate for your group. 

We then move on to our high ropes course, a series of 16 obstacles strung between platforms attached to trees and ranging from 5’ to 50’ above the ground. Participants always have a choice of obstacles to pick from as they move through the course, so everyone is able to determine a path through the course that is right for him or herself. Multiple elements offer dual belay cables so group members can work together to move across the element.

Go ahead, get your group outdoors, actively engaged and challenged in ways that your team will not soon forget. Like all of our team building programs, our high physical challenge programs are customized so that they are unique to each group and the experience is transferable to your workplace.

$100.00 per person