The world we live in is ever changing, whether we are ready for it or not. For our success, attitude is everything. We give ourselves permission to learn and change our thinking by the attitude with which we approach new information and challenges. Educators and brain researchers call this our mindset. Is it fixed and static, or evolving and dynamic? An attitude that accepts change gives a person a growth mindset, while an attitude that resists change creates a fixed mindset. This single characteristic has a vast effect on our lives.

A person’s mindset is a product or nurture. We can train our brains an cultivate a growth mindset, and in doing so, see increased results. When we understand our brains are elastic with the ability to grow through intellectual exercise, we change our attitude toward our potential. Inner thoughts such as, “I can’t do it,” keep us fixed in place. A growth mindset adds a crucial word, “I can’t do it yet“.

References and Further Reading

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