More About Virtual Team Building


Virtual team building is for everyone! Programs are customized for each specific group. All ages and group sizes are welcome. Our experienced facilitators guide your team through activities and debriefing conversations. Each facilitator has at least a decade of experience in business or education.


Virtual programs allow your team to meet for a communal experience from the comfort of their own homes! Meet us from your kitchen, living room or garage. While we recommend joining from a desktop or laptop with a mouse, programs are able to accommodate participants joining from a range of devices including cell phones and tablets.


Virtual team building programs facilitate space for teams to practice workplace soft skills outside of consequential situations. Teams are presented with a progression of problem solving tasks. Team members engage by asking questions, thinking critically, and conversing with their peers.


Most programs require little to no supplies from your team. Common items required for participation are pen and paper. Teams may be asked to participate by standing or perhaps retrieving an object from another room. As far as technology goes, our programs can meet the needs of your team. The majority of a virtual team building program takes place in gallery view, where all participants can see and hear each other. Breakout rooms are utilized for larger groups. More technical components are added in for groups who are ready to accept the challenge!


Team building programs are a powerful tool. Lake Geneva Team Building Adventures provides meaningful experiences focused on providing teams with authentic insight. Team building programs allow for reflection of team behavior patterns, collaboration skills, and efficiency. Through discussions moderated by a facilitator, teams develop an increased understanding of team performance in order to empower them to create goals and action plans. Each participant in a team building program has something to earn. Managers gain insight on their team. Team members reflect on themselves and gain insight into their peers. Teams practice resilience and strengthen group cohesiveness.

Pros for The Team

  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships
  • Reduce adversarial relationships
  • Increase ease and efficiency of communication
  • Celebrate strengths and successes
  • Explore and develop avenues to increase team efficiency
  • Reflection on program outcomes provides knowledge to create action plans to set and meet team goals

Pros for Team Members

  • Gain understanding of teammates, both on a personal level and their skill sets
  • Reflection on personal performance
  • Opportunities to set personal and professional goals
  • Facilitated discussions to gain feedback from peers, and offer feedback in return

Pros for Managers:

  • Identify team strengths
  • Identify areas for growth and specific means to begin improvement
  • Witness individual team member’s range of skills and leadership potential
  • Target specific team goals