Reflection for Growth

This loaded year is coming to a close. While we as individuals, and the internet at large, have made many comments on developments of the past twelve months, I would like to take a moment here to reflect at its conclusion.

As in team projects, team members make many comments along the way. We hopefully make our opinion understood before decisions are made. If not, we speak up about the changes we want to see. Productive teams ensure this communication is constructive and to the point. Thoughts and opinions, however, are vastly different from reflection.

Reflecting on Team Projects

Reflection is more than saying, “Here’s what I thought…”. Reflection is observation paired with serious thought or consideration (Oxford). Reflection says, “Based on what I’ve seen and experienced, here is how I feel.” New insights, revelations, and creative ideas result from this introspection. Sharing personal reflections and conversing as a team make a team stronger and better prepared for the next task.

2020 Reflection

We walked into the year with high hopes for success. Things moved smoothly, with new staff joining the team. Then, March and all its baggage came to bare. Here is looking back at Lake Geneva Team Building Adventures 2020 in three key areas.

1. Objective versus Outcome Our objective changed drastically. Scope creep was more of an all out slide. No longer would we focus on large in-person groups. We joined the world on the virtual platform and welcomed only small, physically distanced in-person programs. Spring focused on building our virtual presence, while summer focused on creating physically distanced in-person facilitation for small groups. As we plan for 2021, our scope now dedicates more of our efforts towards our virtual programs.

2. Customer Satisfaction Adjusting from the closeness of traditional team building to a safe physical distance and the use of PPE was a creative challenge. Each and everyone of our guests this year honored the need for our protocols. The people we met in our facilitation have been a resounding high point in 2020. Their post program feedback offered us insights for advancement as well as those warm fuzzies you feel when shown gratitude. Please feel our gratitude in return.

3. Team Satisfaction I am fortunate to report that our team met the many challenges of 2020 with elasticity. We found new talents in our team and learned from each other. The obstacles we faced together allowed us to expand ourselves, our connection to each other, and our business.

Looking forward to 2021 and new challenges to come!