Virtual Program

The world has shifted around us. Going to work has a whole new look and feel. The ease of walking over to have a direct conversation with your colleagues is no longer guaranteed. We get it. And we can help your team stay strong and connected.

Core Components Of Our Virtual Team Building Programs

  • Virtual Team Building Activities Designed for Engagement – We open virtual team building sessions with a set of initial activities to get your team engaged, laughing, and comfortable in the virtual program setting. These activities are custom-built based on the goals of your team building program.
  • Problem Solving Activities to Help Accomplish Your Team’s Goals – After the initial activities, we’ll move into a progression of team problem solving initiatives. Your team will hone team skills as they work together toward a common goal.
    We’ll work with you to determine your goal for the team building session. Goals range from just having fun, to communicating more effectively remotely, to improving productivity, and others.
  • Debrief, Discussion, and Guided Feedback – Our group facilitators guide your team through structured discussions to identify areas for improvement and growth, as well as celebrate areas of strength.

2 Options To Engage Virtually

Sessions last up to 2 hours
Recommended group size between 8-20
$30.00 per person

One-Time Virtual Team Building Session

Grow to be a Better Team
When working in person A facilitator-led experience using virtual challenges to accomplish your objectives such as building a more collaborative team.

Virtual Follow Up Session

Promote Long-Term Growth
Schedule a follow up session where our expert facilitators will check back in with your group after an in person or virtual team building session. Continue to foster your team’s growth and accomplish workforce goals.