Which adventure is right for your team?

Many groups who come to Lake Geneva Team Building Adventures also choose to enjoy an off the ground adventure with our parallel organization, Lake Geneva Ziplines & Adventures. A productive morning of team building, followed by a picnic lunch on our 100 acre property, is perfectly accentuated by a shared afternoon adventure. With three to choose from, and options with in each, its important to know which is right for your team.

Full Zipline Tour

What is the adventure? A 2.5 hour tour connecting 9 ziplines, 5 sky bridges and 4 spiral staircases, all through the treetops! The final zip is out side the tree line with views over Lake Como on a dual line 1,221 feet long.

Why choose the adventure? Find your adrenaline rush in a relaxed atmosphere as you take in the sights of the canopy. The tour set up allows you to chat with your team as you share a grand adventure.

Short Zipline Tour

What is the adventure? A 1.5 hour tour through the start of our course through 4 ziplines up to 240 feet long. Try it in the winter to see the whole route clearly through the leafless trees. Try it in the summer to zip through leafy tunnels.

Why choose this adventure? A great introduction to ziplining, these lines are the shortest in both length and height from what our course has to offer. By excluding the spiral staircases and sky bridges, this option can be easier on those with mobility issues.

Dual Racing Zipline

What is the adventure? This option includes only the final zipline of our course. As a dual line, this 1,221 foot zip allows two people to race each other through the valley. Try it at sunset for beautiful views!

Why choose this adventure? This is a excellent way to get in an exciting adventure in a short amount of time. It can also be included with another adventure, such as the High Ropes Course or Climbing Tower.

High Ropes Course

What is the adventure? A network of 16 elements invite participants to challenge themselves and encourage each other. Obstacles are elevated up to 32′ off the ground.

Why choose this adventure? Teams may engage both as an individual and as a group. Elements may be completed solo or approached as a group problem solving task. The High Ropes Course is an excellent adventure for those looking for an added physical challenge or those wanting to continue their team building activities in an elevated setting.

Climbing Tower

What is this adventure? Reaching 35 feet high, three faces offer rock climbing, one at a 15° and two others with bump out features. The fourth side offers a unique challenge we call the vertical playpen.

Why choose this adventure? Everyone, of all abilities and adventures levels, may engage in this activity as a team. Through the group belay system, some climb, while others stay on the ground. The multiple challenge levels allow each person to engage within their comfort zone while supporting the team in a necessary position. This adventure is also excellent for large groups wanting to stay together as a whole. Where the High Ropes Course can take 12 people at a time, and each Zipline Tour has a max of 8, the Climbing Tower can easily engage 60 people all at once.